The Trail Work


Doing any type of work on the Hydrocut Trails is allowed ONLY if it’s done through the MANDATORY procedure. People caught performing unauthorized trail work, modifications or any other kind of interference with the trails will be charged with TRESPASSING!


Members of the public are gladly invited to participate and take on tasks, but ALL the work must be approved beforehand and coordinated through the Waterloo Cycling Club Trail Committee. The proper supervision is a paramount in ensuring adequate safety and quality of work.


The approval process is very simple and quick. Ideas and suggestions for things to do, can be be submitted by making comments at the bottom of this page. The work is to proceed only after instructions and the okay for a certain task is given to an individual or a group. In order to avoid the overlapping of the tasks with our regular maintenance staff, all the volunteers are asked to make a note (reply at the bottom of this page) about their heading out to do the approved tasks. Then after the job is completed, we need a report that includes the date, trail name, the type of the repair/improvement, and the time it took to complete it. This will be entered into the Trail Maintenace Log and the completed tasks will be removed from the list of things to do.



The list of scheduled tasks:


– Rebuilding old culverts (can be done by 1 person)

– Cutting water draining knicks (can be done by 1 person)

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