Thank You Volunteers!

One more impressive trail project got completed thanks to the dedicated volunteers. This vas a huge task that took countless hours of coming up with a way to squeeze a new trail in to a very limited space, building and transporting intricate bridges, and doing quite a bit of preparation work to make everything ready for the final crew. As usual the Trail Day  was an opportunity for the volunteers to leave their mark, which they did in a glorious way. The result is a greatly improved and safer trail. The new layout will be a more interesting and faster ride, especially after the ground gets properly packed down by the traffic. Also look for the five new exciting rock features. See more pictures here.

Keep in mind that the old two-way canal bridge under the Hydro lines has been turned in to a one-way bridge only. Now the bicycles can cross the old bridge in the Westbound direction only, while the new bridge can be ridden in the Eastbound direction only. The new trail loop is counter clockwise (for bicycles), like all the other trails in the system, except for Adam’s Run. This also leaves Andy’s BBQ Run as the only two-way trail.


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