ROAR (Riders of ALL Rocks)

This is an exclusive club for people that ride ALL the rock features in the Hydocut Trails (including the Razor Blade part of the Fraggle Rock). Anyone capable of doing this, can become a member, simply by submitting his or her name. All the rocks don’t have to be ridden all the time in every ride, but  during any given ride, all the members must always be ready to accept random requests to demonstrate their ability to ride over any given rock that’s part of the trail.

As rock features continue to be added to the trails, the members of this Club must stay current and and ride the new rocks, or get removed from the Club, until they adopt riding everything again. If over time, a member looses the skills/nerve to ride any of the rock features, he/she must immediately remove themselves from the Club!

Bellow is the list of the current members, in the order of their signing up:

Rafael Olejniczak

Igor Dragoslavic

Jason Murdoch

Ron Head

James Kelly

Kelly Witherow

Sean Miller

Brad Schopp


Some of the rocks have names, as shown on the Trail Map. Send in name suggestions for the ones that don’t have names yet.

Here’s how some rocks can be ridden:

On the Rocks from Ronnie on Vimeo.


Bellow is a gallery with the pictures of some of the rocks. Send in your’s pictures.

10 Responses to ROAR (Riders of ALL Rocks)

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  2. Raf Rider says:

    Hydrocut is Awesome! Rock & Roll 🙂 JFCI!!!

  3. Kamikaze – chicken line has a 3’ish rock drop.
    I rode it once, and when i landed, i swear i saw Jesus!
    Therefore i think it should be called “leap of faith”

  4. Raf Rider says:

    “Leap Of Faith” sounds great 🙂 I also propose we call the Frankenstein drop-off jump the “Afterburner” cause I sure did a sweet inverted fly-by there last week LOL 🙂

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  6. Perhaps you rock gods should be hosting a clinic or two over the summer, a half day rock skills training session 🙂

  7. Igor says:

    I sure can show people how NOT TO ride rocks 🙂

    “Afterburner” it is then 😉

  8. EXC74 says:

    Is there a MAP of all the Rocks? Want to make sure I am hitting them all.

  9. Igor says:

    When you zoom into the map: the rock names are in white letters. Most but not all rocks have names. Basically any rock along the trail that has a line to it should be ridden…

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