Monkey Boy is Freed

monkey-boy-1 monkey-boy-2 monkey-boy-3After the first shift of fallen tree removers was chased out by falling night, Mike Weinmann couldn’t stand the left behind nasty cluster in a fast section of the Monkey Boy, so he took care of it regardless of the darkness.

There is still an easy to cut little tree on the Bootleg, if someone wants to help with that. We are also waiting to hear is anyone has seen fallen trees on the Adam’s Run?

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3 Responses to Monkey Boy is Freed

  1. rafrider says:

    Darn, I was hoping to try jumping that last night 🙂 I’ve been informed yesterday evening that there are a couple of fallen trees on AR. Raf

  2. MWC420 says:

    you would of needed a hell of a lot of speed to jump all them. there was 4 or 5 in total that I moved plus small branches hanging down. when i first came up to it, i couldnt even tell it was part of the trail

  3. rafrider says:

    No Pain No Gain 😉 Thanks for clearing it all 🙂

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