Maintenance Reports 2014



As of April 24th the Waterloo Cycling Club completely took over the organizing of trail work. Presumably they will keep some form of their trail maintenance log.


Tue. Apr. 22

Frankenstein / Stinky Girl / Adam’s Run / Kamikaze – Fallen tree clearing (RO, JO x 4h)

Mon. Apr. 21

Two Trailheads – Counter enclosures cleaned, data retrieved and processed, docking unit synchronized (MM x 3.5h)  

Sun. Apr. 20

All the trails, Except Bootleg, Adam’s Run and Monkey Boy – Cleared from fallen trees (RO, ID x 6h)

Monkey Boy – A cluster of fallen trees cut and removed (MW x .75h)

Sat. Apr. 19

Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks (the open field section) – Finishing the drainage canal from yesterday, rerouting the trail around a muddy spot, and adding one more culvert with drainage canal (ID x 4.5h)

Fri. Apr. 18

Andy’s BBQ Run / Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks – Installing a culvert and digging drainage canals on each trail (ID x 4h)

Mon. Apr. 14

Stinky Girl – Tweaking the most recent change (RO, ID x3h)

Sat. Apr. 12

Stinky Girl – Creating a new trail section instead of the temporary one that was made last Fall (ID x 5)

Fri. Apr. 11

Rockin’ Ronnie – Removing fallen trees (RO x 2.45)

Thu. Apr. 10

Rockin’ Ronnie – Cutting and removing a fallen tree (RO x 1.5h)

Tue. Apr. 8

Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks – Clearing the deadfall (RO x 1.5h)

Thu. Mar. 27

Jake’s attack – Cutting and removing a big fallen tree from the trail (RO, ID x 2h)

Tue. Mar. 25

Scrambler – Tree removal (RO x .5h)

Mon. Mar. 24

Scrambler – Tree removal (RO x .5h)

Thu. Feb. 27

King Street Cycles – Meeting (GJ, JM, CD, RO, SS, AC, DC, DB, CK, AF, ID x 2h)

Thu. Jan 30

King Street Cycles – Meeting (GJ, JM, CD, SS, AC, DC, DB, ID x 2h)

Sun. Jan. 5

Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks / Stinky Girl / Bride / Bypass / Rockin’ Ronnie – Ice storm cleanup (AD, ID x 4h)

Fri. Jan 3

Adam’s Run / Multi-Purpose Trail – Ice storm cleanup (RO, CK, ID x 2.5h)

Wed. Jan. 1

Multi-Purpose Trail / Creepy Corner / Kamikaze / Bootleg – Ice storm cleanup (CD + 2 x 2h)

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