Kamikaze Stone Faces

IMG_3320A surfacing of this old picture, from 7 years ago, is a nice reminder about the Kamikaze’s evolution. When I’ve originally built the Kamikaze, in August of 2002, many people were laughing at it, how ridiculously unridable it was. But then with time, after getting used to it, this trail became one of the biggest thrills in the Hydrocut. After few years, the original steep banks were even heightened.

The thrill of dropping into the steep slopes has its price though: inviting erosion, which is especially excessive on such a loose sandy ground. The way to keep this trail from falling apart, was to armour it with stone, and keep adding to the armouring, like Ron, Mark and I did in this picture. The battle never ends, especially with the ever increasing traffic, so some further armouring will need to get underway pretty soon…


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  1. cyclingarts says:

    who built it? or added to it mmmmmmm

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