Individual Time Trial Rules


The Rules:

Start and finish at the the gate beside the sign kiosk at the Glasgow parking lot; the beginning of Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks and the end of Rockin’ Ronnie (see the map). Ride all the trails in the correct order. If you chose to do the easy options in Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks and Kamikaze, note that in your time submission.

A Video of The Full Lap


The Riding order:

Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks
Stinky Girl
The Bride
Rocky Mountain
Adam’s Run
Sweet Street
Jake’s Attack
Jake’s Breakaway
Dead Camel Bend
Kamikaze (Ride the high line, not the chicken line)
Creepy Corner
Bootleg Trail
Monkey Boy
Back 40
Double Bypass
Rockin’ Ronnie


Submit your Time Trial result.

When you submit your time (the actual time measured with a stopwatch, NOT Strava), add any extra information you want to share. i.e. Your lap time, your bike setup, if it was a night ride, etc.

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