Hiring Helpers for Trail Work

I am looking for helpers to build cross country mountain bike trails in Rosseau, Ontario. The wage is $25.00/hour, for 8-10 hours in a day. Travel expenses are paid, and three meals a day are provided. The lodging is in Summer camp lodges with bunk beds and hot showers. Need to bring your own beddings/sleeping bags. The project starts on Saturday June 13th and ends on Sunday 21st. People can come up for two or more days on dates that suit them.

Let me know if you are interested, Igor

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7 Responses to Hiring Helpers for Trail Work

  1. I would love to help! Im an avid mountain biker with years of trailbuilding experience and will be committed and will work hard. Email me at mhenderson002@sympatico.ca.

    -Brendan Henderson

  2. Theredninja says:

    I am interested and will be coming from toronto. Have rode hydrocut in the igor days and a couple times in recent seasons. Also have experience cultivating the trails in paris with a friend. Also have rode and camped out in the Algonquin area every year.

  3. Thomaslade says:

    I am a senior high school student interested in the trail building opportunity, I regularly ride the hydro cut and enjoy working outdoors and would love to work/learn to build trails. If workers are still needed please email me at tladeis@hotmail.com

  4. gquietus says:

    I am interested in this peculiar opportunity, located in mississauga.
    Zero experience in trail making 🙂
    Love the outdoors, especially portaging (and will sleep in a tent if you guys have one instead of the lodge lol),
    going for one from June 15 to 18, so the days overlap *sigh,
    but am available on other days, looking at 13th and 14th and maybe other days after I get back from the woods 🙂
    You can reach me at kwonym.0904@gmail.com


  5. Igor says:

    I hired Peter, Michael and Colin, based on their experience, transportation logistics, and availability in specific days. I very much appreciate everyone that expressed interest, and will keep your contact info to let you know when future opportunities come up.

    I apologize for not sooner being able to make the final call.

    Thanks, Igor

  6. Colenielsen says:

    i am a don valley local and have a lot of experience with building/shaping hard pack dirt jumps and do not tire out especially easily and have basic carpentry skills for wooden features
    i do not have experience in building or cutting new trails as much but i can swing a pick axe
    i realize the positions have been filled but wanted to throw my hat in

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