Friends of The Hydrocut

While the Waterloo Cycling Club is the main source of funds for the Hydrocut maintenance needs, the budget is heavily supplemented through donations from private individuals and companies. This page is for showing gratitude to all the special Friends of The Hydrocut that have given their support through donating extraordinary funds, materials and/or labour. The donations are mentioned in the order of their dating, starting from the Summer of 2013.


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Double R Steel

Last Fall’s trail work was mostly about filling in mud holes with gravel. Then the season got wrapped up with some major rerouting of trails through a swampy area, which required much gravel. The 2014 season will start with projects that will need even more gravel.

All that gravel came form Scott Kalbfleisch and the good people from Double R Steel. On top of donating the gravel, Scott has been going into awful lot of trouble to deliver and dump the gravel onto stashes all over the trail system.

Scott’s Double R Steel Truck can often be noticed at one of the Hydrocut’s parking lots. This means Scott is out riding or working on the trails. It is too bad that most people will not notice all his work, cause the result is simply a nicer and dryer trail surface, without anything unusual to be noticed.

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Gateman Milloy

gatemanmilloyThe good people from Gateman Milloy just delivered a full big truckload of culverts to our stash in the forest!

Using culverts has been proven to be an excellent way to dry out wet areas on the trails. The Gateman Milloy’s stash will allow us to take the war against mud to a whole new level.

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Fermon Construction

IMG_7964 IMG_7974 IMG_7976 IMG_7979Remember the awfully rutted, bumpy, muddy parking lot at the Glasgow trailhead? And the nearly impassable deep gouge through the gate? It is easy to get spoiled and forget how bad things were in the past.

In July of 2013, a great effort was made to reconstruct the parking lot by carefully grading the surface and covering it with a layer of gravel. All around the parking’s edges a trench was dug out and filled with river stone for proper drainage. The hollow, water collecting spots at the gate were also filled with gravel. An additional gate was opened and a stone wall erected, to separate the entrance and the exit; greatly improving the traffic flow and the kiosk/map visibility.

It took multiple days of labour, heavy machinery use, and large quantities of material, to get this job done. All of it was donated by the good people from Fermon Construction and their mountain biking friends!

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JWS Woodworking & Design Inc.

6879383920_a4a3bb3c95_o7025476143_e67b6c28bb_oAll the 25 kilometres of the Hydrocut trails are actually packed into a very small area. One of the ways we were able to utilize the limited space so well, was by using many bridges and boardwalks for getting over wet and swampy areas that would otherwise be impenetrable. Most of these very useful structures were built with donated labour from our longtime supporter JWS Woodworking and Design Inc. Their superbly crafted, beautiful creations will be appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come.

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Simpson Print

SimpsonLogoA big part of Hydrocut’s success comes from how well the whole trail system is laid-out, connected and marked with signs and onsite maps. The Simpson Print has been our kind supplier and donor of all the signage from the very beginning. They have the best technical ability to produce durable, colourfast prints, that can withstand the exposure to the elements. Very appropriately, Simpson Print has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, ensuring the highest environmental standards in the manufacturing process. They’ve also always been very prompt in satisfying the many sign orders, that are often required doe to the ever expanding and changing nature of the Hydrocut Trails.

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King Street Cycles


Way back in 1997 and 1998, Andy, the King Street Cycles‘ owner, was one of the kids that created the first single-track trails in the Hydrocut. Those first shorter incarnations of Adam’s Run and Sweet Street was all that the Hydrocut had, till the 2001, when few trail building enthusiasts started adding more trails and slowly shaping the fragments into a thought out trail system. Very soon though they reached the maximum capacity of what a small group of people can do. Then in 2004 Andy came back and raised the Hydrocut phenomenon to the next level. His idea to organize official Trail Days, and support them with King Street Cycles BBQ lunches, started attracting more volunteers, empowering us to tackle grandiose projects, at a scale unimaginable in the early days. The established routine of 2-3 Trail Days per year has served us immeasurably well.

In addition to feeding the trail workers, the King Street Cycles store is the base for the trail management meetings, and a hub for the local MTB community; the best place to go to for all the latest Hydrocut Trails related info and gossip.

Through periodically organizing successful Hydrocut fundraising events, the King Street Cycles has also been a regular contributor to the trail maintenance budget.

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Recognizing The Friends of The Hydrocut

We’ve started a page for recognizing people and companies who make extraordinary contributions to our beloved Hydrocut Trails.

Scott SimpsonThe first such donor is our webmaster, the Watsys company. Thanks to them, we have this perfect tool for promoting and organizing the Hydrocut community. Scott Simpson, the Watsys’s owner, has had many years of active involvement with the development and maintenance of the Hydrocut. Scott’s love of mountain biking and the Hydrocut Trails, his intimate knowledge and understanding of their history, issues and potential, combined with his unsurpassed web/social media developer expertise, is a crucial ingredient of our success.

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