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    I am new to KW and interested in riding these trails. I used to be into dirt jumping, so have a Specialized P1, and feel this isn’t going to fly on these trails. Can someone suggest a bike that would be good? Are these more XC trails, or downhill style? I am an avid biker and am up to date on the products out there so just a suggestion on a bike type would be great.


    Ps Where will we see if the trails are open, aside from going to the gates?



    The Hydrocut are XC trails trails, very flowy, but not too technical. In my opinion even a full suspension XC bike is an overkill for these trails, not to mention enduro or downhill bikes. Again, that is just my opinion, which I am sure many people will disagree with 🙂

    My new 29-er is about to arrive, so my last year’s same model will be soon advertised here for a sale 😉

    Once people start getting out to the trails, new condition posts will start appearing in the upper righthand sidebar of this website. Keep in mind though that these are not real time facts, they are only the latest reported observations. The conditions often change quickly, so it would be most accurate to personally check the trails. The Snyder’s Side is always more likely to dry up quicker. No matter what the entrance is like, and what the latest report is, riders should always turn home as soon as the tyres start making ruts.

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    Make sure to send me some info on your bike for sale when it is. If I haven’t purchased one by then I may be interested.

    Thanks Igor!


    Hey, I bought Igor’s last bike (26″ FS) – he takes good care of his stuff.

    I think it’s fair to say the bike depends more on the rider than the trails. You will see fast guys on FS, Hardtail, Rigid, with or without gears, and any wheel size. I will say, I found the FS is more comfortable and faster than my old 26” hardtail (both weigh about the same). A larger-wheel hardtail might be faster, and for the right rider with good back strength, it might be more enjoyable as well.

    Hey Igor, that looks like a nice ride – out of curiosity, why the change to smaller wheels? did you find the 29’er less maneuverable or slower steering?



    Sorry, I posted the wrong link. I am staying with the 29″ wheels: http://www.norco.com/bikes/mountain/xc-race/revolver-ht/revolver-91-ht/




    I am about to put up the bike for sale. Email me if you are interested: igor@leaddog.ca

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