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    David Secord

    Does anyone keep track of injuries on the trails? I wiped out at the top end of Bootleg Trail Sunday when I hit a soft spot on the right side of the trail. Broke my collar bone. I was really looking forward to riding on my month old bike all summer…



    I am no longer in charge of the Hydrocut; it is in the hands of the Waterloo Cycling Club:

    Hope you are fine, Igor


    David Secord

    Thanks Igor. I don’t know what all the politics is, but want to thank you for all your work in the past. The Hydrocut is a fantastic place mainly due to people like you.


    i had my first experience on the hydrocut today. not having logged many hours on my bike in the last few year i jumped in, maybe a bit too deep 😉
    i went and bought my first helmet ever and started at the glasgow parking area, and headed off over the first hill, on the way down the other side i got myself caught in a rut parallel to the main track, and before i knew it less then 200 meters into the ride over the handle bars i went.
    i haven’t fallen off a bike in at lease 20 years, and certainly never went over the bars. all i could do was laugh, and recompose myself, hurt my side a bit , but straighten out a misaligned seat, and handlebars and got back to it. i got maybe a kilometer and my chain broke. of course i thought just a quick ride to check things out i wont need tools or water. FAIL, it wasn’t long before a couple came along and stopped to help me out. Thanks again strangers. i pushed on, and needed another hand, thanks to that fellow riding in a group with a handful of kids. my handle bars were loose and some roots moved my wheel in directions i wasn’t pointing, but that was fixed. i eventually huffed and puffed though a 6 km loop, 40 minutes of travel time and overall an hour and 10 minutes. i found everyone very friendly, i was asked by several people if i was ok during a few of my stops, and i was sure to let people by that caught up to me and they conveyed their appreciation. overall a decent first experience, i’ll be back. but first i’ll heal a bit, by the time i got home my ribs were announcing their discomfort after that first fall and the 6 km that following it…lol. until next time, out with the tools to check everything over.


    Peter Kropf

    My friend and I just went for our first ride into the Hydrocut today. I had one fall on the rock garden on Adam’s Run and he had two, one at the same spot and a second earlier along Rocky Mountain or Scrambler. That one has a pretty intense rock garden that is unavoidable right after a corner. I don’t want to complain too much because the trails are a lot of fun and I don’t want obstacles to be simplified but it’d be nice if there was a warning post or something to indicate challenging obstacles that are unavoidable. We had to cut our ride short as I mangled my bike on the Adam’s Run garden and my friend elbowed a rock and subsequently grew a second elbow.

    Great trails but maybe just a tad more warning in some places and some grass trimming along the open areas – Rocky Mountain and Scrambler just hammer you with grass/foliage in the face.

    We will be back though, the trail was great other than that. Only confusing marking was Andy’s BBQ and Bypass, which isn’t a bypass… it is the way you should go.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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