All The Trails are Ready for Riding!

IMG_8436 IMG_8441 IMG_8443 IMG_8446 IMG_8447_ IMG_8447 IMG_8448 IMG_8450 IMG_8451 IMG_8453 IMG_8454 IMG_8456 IMG_8459We’ve spent 6 hours on clearing deadfall today. There was so much to do, that after a while we’ve stopped counting and taking pictures.

Frankenstein has been cleared form four impassable clusters of fallen trees, except for one log near the and, that will need hiking in with a two man saw. All other trails are cleared, with only few remaining logs on Bootleg and Monkey Boy trails, and maybe Adam’s Run, which we’ve ran out of time to check.

All the trails are dry, aside from the very few minor wet spots. Enjoy while it last till the next rain.

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