Tree Cleaning Continues…

IMAG0128 IMAG0134 IMAG0135 IMAG0136 IMGP1608 IMGP1622 IMGP1633Raf and Noel continued with clearing the fallen trees deep into the Tuesday night. Twister, Jessica and Kamikaze are all cleared now, in addition to the Creepy Corner, Bootleg Trail, Adam’s Run and Sweet Street that were done the night before.

Any takers for looking after the Monkey Boy, Scrambler, Jake’s Trails and Dead Camel Bend? Also, can someone check out the situation on the Landfill side?

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  1. Greg Becotte says:

    I rode up to the Snyder’s entrance this morning because of the trail closure sign at the Glasgow lot where I usually start from. Unfortunately, I broke my chain on the bootleg trail, though. Had to walk my bike all the way out back towards the Glasgow lot (I live closer to there). Moved a couple of big logs and fallen trees out of the way on Monkey Boy. On the course of my walk out, Andy’s BBQ run and Rockin’ Ronnie seemed to be fine to ride, I think. Didn’t look that much different than the terrain on the Pines side. Not sure about the rest of the Landfill side, though.

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