Trail Day – Saturday, July 6

The annual Spring flooding of Frankenstein’s South-East corner is such a nuisance, especially at that time of the year when people are eager to end the long Winter abstinence from enjoying the trails. This problem could be dealt with by rerouting/shortening the trail, but that would be a cowardly defeat, so let’s attack it full-on instead! The plan is to build up the shore with loads of rocks and gravel, to create an elevated dry passage along the lake’s edge.

This grandiose project will require many helping hands. The crew will be departing from the Glasgow parking at 8:30am, and return by 12:30pm, for the traditional King Street Cycles BBQ lunch. Please RSVP via email or by commenting bellow. Bring your own shovel, rake and wheelbarrow if possible.

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  4. A. Webster says:

    Aidan and I would be more than willing to lend a helping hand. See you all there.

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