Trail Day – Sat. Oct.5

StinkyBermIt’s time for the early Fall Trail Day! We’ll be gathering at the Glasgow parking at 8:30 am, and finishing in time for the King Street Cycles’ BBQ lunch at 12:30 pm.

The volunteers should bring their own shovels an rakes if possible. Let us know if you can come, to help us prepare for the exact number of participants.

This Trail Day will be all about berms. Appropriate spots will be picked to replicate the success of the recently created berms at the bridge in the Stinky Girl gully. Berms are lot of fun to ride, but they also help reduce erosion by allowing riders to get through corners without braking.

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3 Responses to Trail Day – Sat. Oct.5

  1. Brook says:

    My son and I would be glad to help out. We use the trails almost every weekend.

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  3. Igor says:

    Brook, the Trail Day has been cancelled:

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