Trail Day – Sat. Nov. 2

StinkyGirlIMG_8076The little corner of the bush at the beginning of the Stinky Girl is scheduled for cutting down in November, for the expansion of The Landfill site. This is quite distressing, but there didn’t seem to be any way for us to stop it from happening. Apparently this was planned a long time ago, before the existence of the trails. The good news is that we were assured that this is the last phase of the Landfill’s expansion, with no more intrusions into the forest to be expected.

The Stinky Girl trailhead and beginning has to be moved to a different spot. The new layout will actually have a much better connectivity, with the addition of some thrilling descents and a long boardwalk feature.

It would be quite a pity not to take part in such a significant trail change! We’ll need a lot of help with some difficult trail building and the installing of 9 boardwalk sections through a swamp.

Please consider volunteering to help from 8:30 till 12:30 pm. As customary, the shift finishes with a King Street BBQ lunch, not far from the construction site. To help us plan the work and the food amount, the participants are asked to signup by email ahead of time. If possible bring water proof boots, a shovel and a rake.

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  1. Simon Youn says:

    I don’t use outlook, so I’ll leave a comment here to sign up for this Sat Nov 2 trail day.
    I’ll bring a shovel too.
    See you there.

  2. Igor says:

    Thanks for signing up.

    By the way your emailer is probably set to Outlook, hence it appears when you click on a link to an email address.

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