Trail Day Preparation Work

Each of our official Trail Days is preceded by weeks or even months of preparing for the event.

All the trail changes are first discussed and deliberated in the carefully devised decision making process of the Waterloo Cycling Club’s Trail Committee. After the trail change idea is accepted, we go out in the field to mark the new trail layout. This is the opportunity for all the involved to offer their input, down to the finest detail. At this time the passions tend to flare up the most, often getting us into heated arguments over different views about how exactly to position the new path. In many instances the dispute can be over only about a foot or two difference. Each time however we do end up learning something and finding a superb solution.

The next step is the prep work, where individuals or small groups keep going out to clear the new route from the undergrowth, brush and fallen trees. By doing this we get much better prepared for the final volunteer crew; usually 20-40 volunteers. With a properly prepared project we can maximize their efficiency, putting them to work without having to make them wait for the obstacles to be removed.

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  1. Rafrider says:

    Ride, Race, Lead… Build, Fix, Maintain 🙂 I’m very fortunate to have such a great trail system practically in my backyard. Igor said it best and I’m thrilled and proud to be a part of such an amazing team looking after these awesome trails 🙂 JFCI!!!

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