We’ve just got informed about a new expansion of the Landfill into the trails. Not much trail will be lost, but the effected area is exactly where the Trail Day projects were planned for. It is too late now for change of plans and to prepare a different project, so the scheduled October 5th Trail Day had to be cancelled.

The area in question is the little square bush lot at the beginning of the Stinky Girl Trail, and the clearing after it (see the diagram). The forest cutting is scheduled for the beginning of November, and the pond in the clearing will be made sometime later. In the meantime we need to remove our tool shed and reroute the trails. At this time we are not sure yet where can the Stinky Girl be rerouted to. Judging from their map/diagram, only the swampy, low lying areas will be spared, thus the Stinky Girl Trail will have to stay clear from the remaining trees and hopefully find a dry alternative.

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  1. That is so sad. Cutting trees in favor of a blood landfill. Where will this end???

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