Trail Day – Saturday, April 20th

With all this snow and the never ending Winter, many riders might have forgotten the trails, but the Spring is bound to arrive sooner or later. We will celebrate by finalizing the Adam’s Run changes that were started a year ago. These changes have been well received and, according to the prevailing opinion, have transformed the Adam’s Run from the least popular to the favourite trail in the Hydrocut. The final touches that we are about to make will complete the Adam’s Run reincarnation. Opportunities to participate in something like this don’t come too often.

For those who are looking for an upper body workout, we have a project than involves lifting and moving heavy logs with our favourite tool: the log-movers. The logs will be used for barricading some shortcuts that spoil the neatness of our trail network. Creating an impenetrable barrier, and making a point with it, is sure to provide a most rewarding satisfaction.

The volunteers will met at 8:30am at the Snyder’s Parking. The work day will conclude at 12:30pm, with the traditional King Street Cycles BBQ Lunch for all the participants. Bring your own rakes, shovels and axes, if possible. Please sign up by sending us an email, so we can better plan the work and the amount of food to prepare.

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