Trail Counter Vandalism and Information

This type of vandalism costs us all. Someone’s immature and destructive behavior almost destroyed your trail counters. Maybe it was curiosity? These devices are infrared trail traffic counters purchased with publicly donated money raised through WCC Trail Committee fund raising efforts. If you witness any tampering or vandalism to these devices feel free to take notes and descriptions of these individuals and forward to the WCC Trail Committee so they can be dealt with accordingly. The hardware in these enclosures has no value to anyone as they require licensed software and a separate docking station to present data. There is also no display inside the box so opening the enclosure will not reveal anything. We have fortified security with new enclosures (again donated) and with the information provided below we hope the damage and tampering will be stopped once everyone knows…


So, What’s Inside the New Box?


Due to prior vandalism the new enclosures are made of welded construction using 1/8” plate steel. Inside is a TrafX (made in Canada) MTB trail traffic counter. The Infrared beam senses heat signatures similar to a motion detecting light many households use. Each time the beam is triggered a count is time-stamped and saved in the counter firmware which is inside the small plastic box shown in the top of the open enclosure. There is no display inside the box. The metal hood protruding from the bottom right is to keep debris and snow from hindering counts. Yes we will be counting year round so expect some interesting data to be generated. We think everyone will be surprised with the trail usage. Because the traffic at the Snyder end of our trails is 2 way all counts are divided by 2 to be accurate. The Glasgow counter is positioned on a oneway trail. The data is collected weekly using a portable docking station.

The collected data is transferred to a PC and formatted using the TrafX DataNet software into a PDF file and uploaded which can be viewed on the WCC website. Why Count Trail Traffic? Our trails are in constant need of upkeep. Accurate traffic data will support further funding for maintenance and development of our already awesome trails! Understanding the overwhelming usage of our trails also helps us design for the level of traffic we need to support. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact Marty Mayr. Ride lots, ride safe and enjoy the trails!



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