The Tree Cleanup is All Done!

After six days of various crews clearing the fallen trees, we finally won this battle! The exact tree count got lost, but surely more than 60 big trees had to be saw-cut and removed from the trails (strictly by hand, cause we are not allowed to use chain-saws). Only one tree on Stinky Girl escaped our attention, and that too will be removed today. Although it could make sense to leave that one in place, to serve as a reminder to the trail users, of what it would be like with 60 similar obstacles in the way.

It is easy for the trail users to overlook how much time and labour is needed to keep the trails in a god shape, and that all of it is done with volunteer labour only. Please show your appreciation by adhering to The Trail Rules and peer pressuring others to do the same.

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2 Responses to The Tree Cleanup is All Done!

  1. Does this mean the trails are open for biking now?

  2. Igor says:

    The fallen trees are an inconvenience, no reason to close the trails. The trail “closures” are only doe to muddy conditions, when riding can create much damage to the trail surface. Our trail condition reports are just a tool for aiding people in planing rides, but riding is okay ONLY if the ground conditions at the given moment allow it. Determining this is really simple: if tires are making ruts, it is too muddy; regardless of how nice the weather is at the moment, what the last report said, or if the trail closure sign is posted or not.

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