The Stinky Bridge

After a crazy trail work evening, there are no old cobbled up log-bridges left in the whole Hydrocut! The last bridge to be modernized was the one across the creek in the Stinky Girl trail. In addition to installing the new bridge, we’ve reinforced the eroding shores with huge rocks and logs, to stop the creek from washing out the trail. The earlier washout forced a change in the new bridge’s position, so the approach – the downhill berm, hat to be changed and rebuilt as well. The new smoother/faster layout then had to be compensated by transforming the exit bend into an impressive berm.

Enjoy this new thrill, and please comment bellow to let us know how you liked it…

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8 Responses to The Stinky Bridge

  1. Had to be transformed, he? Well, I freaking love that berm on the exit corner, that rocks! Can’t wait till it packs down. Thanks trail crew!

  2. Rafrider says:

    Of course it had to be transformed LOL πŸ™‚ Awesome work! As expected of an awesome crew πŸ™‚

  3. Mark Chesterman says:

    Love the berm after the bridge, always sucked having to slow down to make that corner! Not anymore, also the idea of not having to fall through that sketch log bridge is nice lol…

  4. Ron Head says:

    I love the new bridge. The wooden structure is perfect. The trail work leading up to after the bridge is as good as it gets. The berm is a very welcome feature. The corner after the bridge was always a little off and required braking creating loss of speed. πŸ™ The berm will make all of these issues dissappear. The only downside, if you think this is a downside, is that it less dangerous. LOL
    I had a nasty wipe out on the approach to that bridge. Cartwheel followed by a helmet splitting stop. I’m okay now but I still confuse the number 7 with the letter L. Doctor says that should go away soon…

  5. You guys are awesome thanks !!

  6. Sorry I couldn’t make it to help out! I had to stay late at work on Monday, rode the cut today and that bridge and berm are super fun! I took it slow the first time around and soon found that I could carry much more speed; unfortunately my ride was cut short by snapping a seatclamp bolt and then crashing b/c of not having that seat under you feeling. Eitherway it was a busy evening at the trails and the bridge was super fun!


  7. Igor says:

    Rode it today and I am blown away how great it urned out! Such a good job was possible only because we had 11 people in the work crew.

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