The Quest for Supremacy

The games have begun and we have a steady stream of TT result submissions from competitors trying to outperform themselves and others. A new dominance niche can be found in doing double TT laps. Yesterday we had interesting results from Trevor who beat Morten in the first lap, but then Morten beat Trevor in the second lap. It would be nice to see people try to achieve consistent lap times.

For the ones that prefer skill over speed, there is an opportunity to prove themselves by mastering the riding over the rock features.

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4 Responses to The Quest for Supremacy

  1. Can we have a half lap category? Something to make it more accessible to newer riders and/or something different to hammer out?

  2. Igor says:

    Yes there is a “short lap” that is excluding the Stinky Girl, Frankenstein and Bride.

    On May 9th Rick Vandermay posted his result: 1:01:48

  3. Raf Rider says:

    Will give the short TT a go sometime 🙂 Rick buddy… you bring it cause It’s ON!

  4. OK, I’ll tune up the machine and just post different sets (I’m the furthest from being a contender, lol). I had been thinking half would be glasgow (to bypass/double bypass) or pines (to monkeyboy-scrambler)… but perhaps a loop of just “blue trails” might be more friendly.

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