The November Trail Day

photo-1photo-4b IMG_8117IMG_00000088 IMG_8128IMG_8126IMG-20131103-00471Wilmot-20131102-03120Wilmot-20131102-03118IMG-20131102-03127IMG_8135IMG_8136IMG_8139IMG_8130IMGP1376IMGP1383 IMGP1379 IMGP1377IMG_8123 IMG_8121 IMG_8120It was amazing to see so many (too many to count) volunteers come out on a rainy day and tirelessly do back breaking work on the flooded ground and and in deep slippery mud.

Incredibly much was accomplished:


1. Tool shed moved to a new location, by hands

2. Old trail section closed and replaced with a sweet new one; also greatly improving the trail connectivity

3. 120 feet of boardwalks delivered by a crane and then moved and laid down by hands

4. The Andy’s BBQ Run trail rescued from drowning in mud, by cutting drainage and building up with countless wheelbarrow loads of gravel

Now we need to be patient and let the ground dry out before we rush out for a test ride 😉

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