The New Frankenstein Exit

The Hydrocut is a one-way trail system; the only way to have so many visitors (up to 300 in a day), without congestion and constant head on passing. Imposing the mandatory traffic direction is difficult, but we have managed it with the help of signage and carefully laid out trail intersections that intuitively lead the riders into the correct direction. Some of the intersections also have rock features that help reinforce the proper traffic flow.

Dan (one of the guys in the WCC Trail Committee) had a better idea for solving the very busy Frankenstein intersection, and he had the determination and persistence to convince the rest of us to completely change the original wrong-way inhibiting rock feature. And here we were last night, 6 of us toiling for 4 hours, juts to move heavy rocks and dirt from one place to another. The new layout turned out very nice though, thanks to our friend Dan!

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  1. Raf Rider says:

    Thanks for all the great work you guys do 🙂 I luv the trails @ Hydrocut 🙂

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