The Missing Log Piles in Stinky Girl and Frankenstein

This Spring someone took the liberty to cut and remove log-pile features from the trails as they please. Few days ago the THIRD log pile was removed from the Stinky Girl and Frankenstein trails. Their personal dislike of log piles is apparently a good enough reason to go in to all the hard work of removing the features, without any consideration to others. The tempering is especially inconsiderate of the official maintenance crew, which has more then obviously and very deliberately left the logs in place, to have them as thrilling trail features. It is hard to see this as anything other than an arrogant, thankless disregard to the VOLUNTEERS that have created the trails, doggedly continue to keep them in mint shape, and tirelessly work on endless improvement projects.

A friend commented that he is glad that one of the logs is gone cause HE didn’t like it. People do not understand that their personal liking or not liking of some of the features is completely BEYOND THE POINT. The official trail maintenance body has a carefully devised process – considerate of a myriad of factors in deciding what kind of features and difficulty levels will be allowed in which trail sections (this process is transparent and open to the public’s input and involvement). The alternative is to let individuals tailor the trail’s characteristics to their own personal needs and preferences. How well would trail wardens in commercially operated parks receive visitors that bring saws to remove trail features?

When I started riding the Hydrocut trails in 1999, I ran in to a log laying across the trail in Adam’s Run (the logs is still there). Being a beginner without a skill for bike-hopping over such features, or even the comprehension about how that might be possible for better riders, I stood in front of the log, scratching my head not understanding why a log like that would be left on the trail. Then I used some sticks to make a ramp for allowing me to roll over the log. The very next day the sticks were gone! Seeing my “improvement” being promptly and deliberately removed, made the lightbulb go off in my head, realizing that others actually embrace and even enjoy the challenge in riding over obstacles that seemed only like a nuisance to me. This realization was more than enough to deter me from dumbing down the features to my level. It took many years of frequently riding to that log and each time having to dismount my bike for it; until I finally developed enough skill to ride over it…

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