The Latest Changes

Fall time is a trail building season, and this one is an exceptionally busy one. So far we added a sweet extension to the Creepy Corner, changed/improved the Bootleg Trail, added a thrilling fast section to Adam’s Run, and made the Twister much longer.

The intersection – trail hub at the beginning of Kamikaze has changed and ┬áthe connectivity of Twister/Jessica has changed. The Jessica trail has an awkward beginning entrance at the moment, bit this is only temporary till the Jessica will be made into a loop trail; starting at ending at the same spot – at the beginning of Kamikaze. All these changes are reflected on the Hydrocut Trails Map.

This impressive progress was made possible by high number of volunteers and man-hours they’ve provided. A lot has been don in the official Trail Days, but also in unofficial outings of smaller groups, or individuals that worked on their own, under the guidance of the WCC Trail Committee. The best way to comprehend the true scope of the volunteer effort that’s put into this cause, is to look at the Maintenance Report Log that lists all the projects, participants and the time that was spent on each task.

The next Trail Day is on November 10th. Please consider joining us on that day, and/or in other less formal trail work, by signing up for the pool of potential helpers.

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