The Latest Achievement

IMG_2364 IMG_2365 IMG_2367 IMG_2368 IMG-20130706-00291 photoThe last Trail Day was probably the hardest one we ever did. Basically we were wheelbarrowing countless loads of gravel, through the whole day in a sweltering heat! It was well worth it though, cause now we have a nice, solid, lasting solution for the Spring flood area in the Frankenstein. This means Frankenstein will now be ready for riding in Spring time, as oppose to having to keep it closed for weeks, or even a month, after all the other trails become rideable.

While we had all the eager labourers with their wheelbarrows, we used the opportunity to gravel-fill/repair many wet spots in the Stinky Girl and Bride trails. We also constructed a small wooden bridge over a problem spot in the Rockin’ Ronnie.

There is no better way to finish such a hard day of work, than with the King Street Cycles’ BBQ lunch!

More photos can be seen in the Trail Work Gallery.

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