The Frankenstein Problem

The Frankenstein is “rideable” if you can get across the pond, like shown on the picture. Emphasis is on: CROSSING the pond, and NOT just riding to it and them making a shortcut to the exit of the trail. Shortcutting is one of the worst offences; it should NEVER be done, regardless of what excuse the perpetrator might give him/her self.

To solve the Spring time flooding at this spot, we are looking into building a crib wall with Gabions (rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rocks). Please help us find a donorĀ that would be willing to donate enough material for building a 50′ long, 2′ high wall.

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3 Responses to The Frankenstein Problem

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  2. Building a bridge would be to expensive right?

  3. Igor says:

    We looked into building a bridge, but at this time we don’t have enough money for it šŸ™

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