The First Trail Day in 2013

40+ volunteers showed up on the April 20th Trail Day, despite the cold and snow! This is the first Trail Day we ever had in snow, but from it we learned that the snow does not matter at all. All the people that signed up did show up, and then some others unexpected ones too. Coming unannounced is actually a problem cause it disturbs our planning, but at the end it all turned out great. We finished everything that was planned and had time to throw in an additional project as well.

The result:

– An impressive barrier erected to block an erosion and confusion creating shortcutting passage

– Adam’s Run made longer by adding some fun sections and features

– A path established from the Multi-Use Trail in the Pines to the hydro corridor; giving hikers and cyclists a proper connection passage and thus eliminating the need for unsanctioned and confusing shortcuts.

Most importantly, everyone had a great time, which is obvious from the shown pictures, and more pictures to come in the Gallery.


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