The Bridge Embankment

Earlier in the Summer the connection between the Landfill and Petersburg portions of the trail system was changed form a single two-way trail to two much safer separate one-way paths. To do this wee had to install a new bridge over the canal. This is a wonderful bridge, but it took awful lot of work to construct and install the bridge and shape the approach passage through the embankment. With the cooler weather the dirt bikes have started coming out and riding through the Hydro corridor and over our bridge. They ride straight over the the embankment (their path is shown on the picture). This is wrecking the embankment and endangering the cyclist.

We’ve already spent volunteer hours on blocking their passage with deadfall, but it is likely that more hours and considerable expenses will have to be wasted to battle this problem.

The dirt bikes and any other motorized vehicles are illegal on all Regional land (the Hydrocut Trails) and in the Hydro corridor, so please report them to the Waterloo Regional Police whenever you see trespassing in progress. Cal the number (519) 653-7700 and ask the operator for “dispatch”.


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