The 22 Trail Wreckers

Sunday, April 15th was a rainy and muddy day, yet we were still able to count 22 riders entering from the Glasgow side entrance. Riding in mud creates awful lot of damage, which is especially painful to see now when the trails have just started recovering from the massive amounts of ugly, unpleasant, and erosion prone ruts, left by careless mud-riders in the Winter.

Too often the mud-riders defensive argument is that they didn’t know it was “too muddy”. If someone is not sure what a difference between dry and mud is, and they can acknowledge the ruts they are leaving behind, we have a big problem on our hands and in our heads.

No amount of warning signs and trail rules postings  seem to deter these people. Only the peer pressure appears to work. Therefore, all trail lovers should take on a sacred duty to put in action the peer pressure against riding in mud.

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