Thank You Trail Crew!

What an awesome Trail Day it turn out to be on November 10th! We had an army of participants (more pictures can bee viewed here).

The first group opened up a sweet new section of the Jessica trail. This has nearly doubled the trail’s length and added some very interesting features.

The second group worked on stone armouring the Kamikaze trail. Dozens of huge rocks where wheelbarrowed from quite a distance to the location. The rocks were used for paving the eroding spots and building guards against riding off the proper path.

The third group helped with the Jessica Trail and than moved to the Landfill side to cut and remove some big deadfall and erect barriers for guarding the canal bridge embankment from destructive dirt bikers.

The event was concluded with a Traditional King Street Cycles BBQ. Many lucky participants also walked away with some cool draw prizes that were generously donated by the King Street Cycles.

The beautiful weather on the day after offered perfect trail riding conditions. Hopefully many of the trail builders were bale to take advantage of the opportunity to check out their work and discover how great the changes turned out.

Please note that the trail connectivity has changed. The end of Twister has recently been moved to the Kamikaze intersection. Now Jessica has been turned into a loop trail that starts and ends at that spot. All the changes are reflected on the Trail Map.

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  1. It was a very productive day, cant believe how much was accomplished. Havent had a chance to ride it yet, but am looking forward to it. Until next time…

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