People Are Stupid!

Some jerk that’s unappreciative of the opportunity to enjoy nature so close to the city, has decided to “beautify” one of the Pointer Sisters Rocks on the Rockin’ Ronnie Trail, by painting it neon pink.

Or some brilliant parents have let loose their dimwitted spoiled brat child. The unfortunate kid’s brain is probably so overstimulated from computer games, he must have had an urge to liven up the “dullness” of the nature.

Or even worse; riding on this type of trails is so out of someone’s comfort zone, they thought they will make it “safer” by pointing out the “dangerous” rock. There are many other obstacles, similar to this one; they too will have to be painted then. Wouldn’t it be much simpler though if people would get the hell away from where they so clearly don’t belong?

Either way, here we are again, forced to spend time and money for reverting dumb actions, as if we don’t have better things to do…

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One Response to People Are Stupid!

  1. Mark Chesterman says:

    Agreed, painting a rock pink is lame. Perhaps we need to post some billboard adds near this obstacle advertising lights for your bike? Perhaps after the ski jump at the end of frankenstien we can put up a billboard advertising suspension rebuilds and frame repairs. lol :p Since this obstacle is at the end of a run, natural lighting is usually gone by the end of a run. Somebody probably went butt over tea kettle from not seeing it and wanted to warn others.

    Agree with you though, I do not want to see a spray painted up trail.

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