Olympian Leigh Hobson’s Endorsement

LeighHobsonHaving grown up in Waterloo, I was introduced to the Hyrdocut by the great folks at King Street Cycle, including none other than Adam Trotter himself. At the time, the trails were as new and undeveloped as I was to mountain biking. Over the years, they have evolved into one of the best places to ride in all of Ontario – my mountain biking skills on the other hand have remained quite new and undeveloped . I met Igor through the WCC Tuesday night training rides. He was one of the riders who helped push me to my limits as I was returning to professional road racing. I appreciated those rides for both their intensity and sense of camaraderie. Little did I know then how much I’d appreciate Igor’s passion for cycling, a passion which extended far beyond the competitive sphere of road racing. Igor’s commitment to the Hydrocut has undoubtedly made it the gem we have today. His vision has helped inspire a true sense of stewardship among all those who ride the trails – evidenced not only by the endless volunteer hours, but by the plethora of comments in support of this proposal. I’m extremely grateful to Igor, Chris and all those involved in taking the initiative to step the Hyrdocut up to yet another level. Their passion, commitment, transparency and leadership can only benefit us all. Thank you!



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