New Trail Connectivity

Earlier in November we’ve considerably changed the way some of the Landfill Side Trails are connected to each other. The beginning of the Stinky Girl has been moved from the end of Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks to the end of Andy’s BBQ Run, like shown on  the Trail Map.

In Springtime a “twin” of Andy’s BBQ Run will be created, to allow separate one-way connections between the Glasgow parking and the rest of the trails. Rokin’ Ronnie will be the way out, starting from the end of the Double Bypass. Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks and Andy’s BBQ Run will become one merged trail, starting at the gate. This brings up a question: should this blended trail’s name be Kaitlyn’s Switchbacks or Andy’s BBQ Run, or something completely new? Please comment with any preferences or suggestions…

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  1. How about Kaitlyn and Andy’s Switchback BBQ Run? It seems only fair to keep both names heritage in thre somehow!

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