Maintenance Time

Our volunteer crews are already out cleaning up after Sandy. Hurricane is a higher power, so we don’t mind cleaning up after her, but we hate having to repair damage after people. There were riders even in the midst of these massive rains. Riding in such conditions leaves permanent scars that are very hard or even impossible to repair.

If you are antsy to get to the trials, maybe doing cleanups would be a better alternative to riding in mud. You can join our work crews or receive tasks to work on your own, if that is what you prefer. Do note that all trail work must be approved and coordinated by the WCC Trails Committee.

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2 Responses to Maintenance Time

  1. Rob Massie says:

    I am keen to try and ride this weekend as the weather is going to be clear. I am driving from oakville so I would hate to get there and find out the trails are closed. Any idea of how the conditions will be by Sat or if it will be rideable?

  2. Igor says:


    There can be a nicest warm sunny day, but with awfully muddy ground. The ground condition is not related to the present weather, but to the preceding days or even weeks. The ground is already saturated from all the rains in the past week and the forecast for today and tomorrow (Wednesday, Thursday) calls for rain. Even if by Friday the trails start drying up, I doubt very much that the ground will be ready by Saturday. As soon as the first report of dried up trails arrives, it will be posted on this website (“Last Reported Trail Conditions” at the right hand side column).

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