Maintenance Reports 2003


Sat. Nov. 22

Rocky Mountain – Rock pile created over a big fallen tree (ID)

Scrambler – Fallen trees saw-cut and removed (ID)

Sun. Nov. 16

Raspberries – The trail closed because of it being a redundant shortcut (ID)

Scrambler – Smoothed out the bumps near the new rock bridge (ID)

Sun. Nov. 9

Scrambler (the Rollercoaster’s double) – Finished the new trail (RH, MW, RD, GJ, NH, ID +1)

Sat. Nov. 8

Rollercoaster – Creating the parallel trail (RH, ID)

Thu. Nov. 6

Rollercoaster – Creating the parallel trail (RH, ID)

Wed. Nov. 5

Rollercoaster – Creating the parallel trail (RH, ID)

Tue. Nov. 4

Rollercoaster – Creating the parallel trail (RH, ID)

Sat. Nov. 1

Rollercoaster – Started the creation of a parallel trail (ID)

Rollercoaster – Built a rock bridge for the new trail (SM, ID)

Sat. Oct. 25

Rollercoaster – Scouted the possibilities for a parallel trail (RH, ID)

Wed. Oct. 15

Stinky Girl – Finished the new trail (ID)

Stinky Girl – Big rock crossing improved by filling the gap between the rocks (ID)

Mon. Oct. 13

Stinky Girl – Carried out wood and created a bridge over the creek at the low end of the gully (MW, ID)

Double Bypass – repaired the skinny bridge (MW, ID)

Sun. Oct. 12

The Pines – Painted over someone’s unauthorized orange markings (ID)

Bootleg Trail – Big log saw-cut and removed (ID)

Thu. Oct. 9

Stinky Girl – Created the new trail (RH, ID)

Sun. Oct 5

Double Bypass – Finished the trail change (ID)

Sat. Oct. 4

Double Bypass – The first portion of the trail changed for better flow and connectivity (ID)

Tue. Sep. 23

The Bride – New trail layout survey (MW, ID)

Sun. Sep.  7

Rollercoaster (beginning) – The bend changed for better flow (ID)

Sun. Aug. 31

Jessica – A fallen tree removed (ID)

Twister – The A-Frame over a log removed, and that straight ascent replaced with a more interested twisted up climb (ID)

Sun. Aug. 3

The Bride – Unauthorized log pile removed (ID)

Rocky Mountain – The trail narrowed down to avoid widening around the big rock pile (ID)

Sweet Street – Bend changed for better flow (ID)

BMX – Bend changed for better flow (ID)

Roller Coaster – Few bends changed for better flow (ID)

Sat. Aug. 2

Kamikaze – The wooden boardwalk-like slats removed because of the potential to be dangerous (RH, ID)

Twister – Two logs removed (RH, ID)

Kamikaze – Bend changed for better flow (ID)

Twister – Roots removed (ID)

Sun. Jul. 13

Kamikaze – 2 skids installed on to a high point of the half-pipe to eliminate the soft sandy spot (ID)

Sat. Jul. 12

Kamikaze – One more skid taken to the spot (ID)

Thu. Jul. 10

Kamikaze – One skid taken to the trail, and the boardwalk improved (ID)

Sat. Jul. 5

Kamikaze – Steep side slope re-enforced with boardwalk like wooden slats (RH, ID)

Sat. Jun. 28

Igor’s Pass – Fallen tree brunches cut and moved out of the way (ID)

Sat. Jun. 21

Frankenstein / The Bride / Igor’s Pass / Double Bypass / Rollercoaster – Roots removed (ID)

Sweet Street – Two bends changed to avoid persistent mud (ID)

Sat. Jun. 6

Frankenstein – A direction enforcing rock-step crated and a “One Way” sign installed (ID)

Sun. May 8

Frankenstein – Removed a fallen tree (ID)

Sat. May 7

First gully in the pines – Created barriers against descending in to the sides of the gully (RD, ID)

Sat. May 31

The Pines – Closed unauthorized steep descent lines (MW, ID)

Fri. May 30

The Bride (beginning) – Trail rerouted to avid a big muddy area (ID)

Thu. May 29

Jessica – Fallen log saw-cut and removed (ID)

Sun. May 18

Frankenstein – Culvert and rocks placed in the bottom of the woopty do, and the edges and reinforced with big rocks (ID)

Sat. May 17

Frankenstein – A culvert taken to the woopty-doo (ID)

Thu. May 15

The Bride (end) – Finished changing the descent (ID)

Wed. May 14

The Bride (end) – Changing the descent (ID)

Sun. May 11

The Bride (end) – Started changing the descent (ID)

Sat. May 10

The Pines – Fallen trees removed (ID)

Bootleg Trails – The boardwalk over the fallen pines removed, and the pines cut and cleared out of the way (ID)

Sat. May 3

Frankenstein (where the lake drains out) – Rock-bridge created over the creek (ID)

Frankenstein – The second climb twisted up for better sustainability (ID)

Wed. Apr. 30

Frankenstein – Lumber for boardwalks taken to the spot (ID)

Wed. Apr. 23

Adam’s Run – Few sections improved (ID)

Fri. Apr. 18

Frankenstein (near the end) – Bend changed for better flow (ID)

Sat. Apr. 12

Jessica – Bends corrected for better flow (ID)

Adam’s Run – Changed a bend for better flow (ID)

Twister – Removed a fallen tree (ID)

Sun. Mar. 30.

Adam’s Run – Finished the changes (ID)

Sat. Mar. 29

Adam’s Run – Started working on changing and lengthening the trail (ID)

Sat. Jan. 18

Rollercoaster – Trail changes planned (MW, BE, ID)

Sat. Jan. 11

The Pines – Trail changes planned (RH, ID)

Sat. Jan. 4

Adam’s Run – New path opened to avoid the steep sandy downhill (ID)

Wed. Jan. 1

Bootleg Trail (at the shack) – corner changed for better flow (ID)

Adam’s Run – Started changing the bends at the sandy descent (ID)

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