Maintenance Reports 2002

Wed. Dec. 25

Jessica – Closed few shortcuts from the double track (ID)

Tue. Dec. 24

Adam’s Run – The old steep eroded descent closed with big dead pine trees (AD, ID)

Jessica (near the stone house ruins) – Rogue ghost trails closed with logs and debris (AD, ID)

Tue. Nov. 26

Igor’s Pass / The Bride – Placed 3 laminated signs stating the trail rules (ID)

Sun. Nov. 24

Igor’s Pass / The Bride / Frankenstein – Used green camouflage spray paint to paint over the unauthorized orange markings that someone spray painted on many trees (ID)

Sat. Nov. 9

Stuart Connell, Neil, Brent Ellis, Mike Zybala, Igor, and one more helper:

Igor’s Pass (near the wrecked car) – Blocked the ATV passage with big logs (SC, NH, BE, MZ, ID)

Sat. Nov. 2

Double Bypass – A log pile replaced with an “A-Frame” to make it more difficult for ATVs to get over the big fallen tree trunk (ID)

Tue. Oct. 29

Kamikaze – Spread kitty litter in to sand to harden the loose spots (ID)

Sat. Oct. 26

Bootleg Trail – Boardwalk made for crossing over fallen pines (ID)

Bootleg Trail – Finished the bend at the steep slope (ID)

Sweet Street – Muddy spots repaired (ID)

Sun. Oct. 20

Creepy Ridge – Trail’s end extended from the double track to the beginning of Kamikaze (ID)

Adam’s Run – Repairs made (ID)

Bootleg Trail – Work done on new trail (ID)

Sat. Oct. 19

The entire trail system – Corrugated plastic “No Motorized” signs posted on key locations (ID)

Sun. Oct. 13

Twister (extension at the beginning) – Finished the new section (ID)

Sat. Oct. 12

Ron H., Igor:

Twister (extension at the beginning) – Started creating the trail (RH, ID)

Fri. Oct. 11.

Igor’s Pass / The Bride – Removed the sapling stumps that were left after unauthorized widening of the trail (ID)

Wed. Oct. 9

Drop Zone – Trail modified (ID)

Sat. Oct 5

Sweet Street (end) / Dirtbowl – Big ATV barriers made out of logs (RH, RD, ED, MZ, SL, ID)

Wed. Oct. 2

Rollercoaster / Dirtbowl – The entrances blocked with logs to inhibit ATVs (RH, ID)


Jessica / Bootleg Trail / Monkey Boy – Created the trails (RH)

Mon. Sep. 30

Creepy Corner – Made final touches to the new trail (ID)

Sat. Sep. 28

Creepy Corner – Finished the trail (RH, ED, ID +1)

Fri. Sep. 27

Creepy Corner – Nearly finished the trail (RH, ID)

Thu. Sep. 26

Creepy Corner – Started creating the trail (RH, ID)

Wed. Sep. 25

Twister – Finished the trail (RH)

Tue. Sep. 24

Twister – Creating the trail (RH)

Frankenstein – Started working on changing the last bend (ID)

Mon. Sep. 23

Twister – Creating the trail (RH)

Sat. Sep. 21

Rockin’ Ronnie – The rock bridge re-created over the landfill run-off creek, because the old one got destroyed in Landfill construction work (ID)

Frankenstein – The big straight and steep descent changed in to more sustainable snaking switchbacks (ID)

Frankenstein – Two switchbacks modified for better flow (ID)

Fri. Sep. 20

Twister – Creating the trail (RH)

Trail changes planned (RH, MW, BE, ID)

Thu. Sep. 19

Twister – Creating the trail (RH)

Wed. Sep. 18

Twister – Creating the trail (RH)

Tue. Sep. 17

Twister – Creating the trail (RH)

Mon. Sep. 16

Twister – Started creating the trail (RH)

Sun. Sep 15.

Igor’s Pass / Bride / Frankenstein – sapling stumps removed (ID)

Frankenstein (far corner) – The first steep straight climb snaked up in to more sustainable switchbacks (ID)

Mon. Aug. 19

Kamikaze – Finished the  changes for better flow (ID)

Sat. Aug. 17

Kamikaze – The trail bends adjusted for better flow (ID)

Sat. Aug. 10

Sweet Street (end) – Changed the steep descent (ID)

Sweet Street (end) – Logs removed (ID)

Sweet Street (half-pipe) – Changed for better flow (ID)

Kamikaze – Created the trail (ID)

Mon. Aug. 5

Rockin’ Ronnie – A better rock bridge created over the landfill run-off creek (ID)

Igor’s Pass – Fallen tree saw-cut and removed (ID)

The Bride (start) – Elevated the trail with soil (ID)

Mon. Jun. 24.

The Bride – Two 4x4s nailed on big fallen tree logs to narrow down the gap between them so the ATVs can’t pass through (ID)

Rockin’ Ronnie – Further improved the rock crossing created over the landfill run-off creek (ID)

Fri. May 31

Canal Bridge – Attempted to make a better bridge approach with snowmobile tracks (ED, ID)

Rockin’ Ronnie – Improved the rock crossing created over the landfill run-off creek (ED, ID)

Sun. May 12

Igor’s Pass – Access to the new boardwalk created (ID)

Rockin’ Ronnie (near the beginning) – Rock crossing created over the landfill run-off creek (ID)

Sat. May 11

Igor’s Pas – Boardwalk created (ID)

Tue. May 7

Double Bypass (end) – The reroute finished (ID)

Mon. May 6

Double Bypass (end) – The trail rerouted for better connectivity (ED, ID)

Sun. Apr. 28

Canal – Finished the bridge (ID)

Canal – Crated access to the new bridge (ID)

Fri. Apr. 26

Canal – Log-bridge creation started (RH, ID)

Thu. Apr. 18

Frankenstein – Created a small bridge over the lake drainage creek (ID)

Bride (near the end) – Trail rerouted to avoid a big pond from spring flooding (ID)

Igor’s pass (start) – Slightly rerouted for better layout (ID)

Wed. Apr. 17

2x4s gathered for making boardwalks (ID)

Sat. Apr. 13

Double Bypass (second half) – The trail rerouted to avoid the low areas that flooded in spring (ID)

Frankenstein (far end) – A corner changed (ID)

Sat. Apr. 6

Double Bypass (at Igor’s Pass intersection) – Trail rerouted for better flow and connectivity (ID)

Adam’s Run – Fallen trees removed (ID)

Fri. Mar. 29

Rockin’ Ronnie (start) – Trail improved (ID)

Double Bypass (end) – Made the access to log crossing over the canal (ID)

Sat. Mar. 16

The Bride – Big fallen tree chainsaw cut and removed (RH, ID)

Frankenstein – Fallen trees removed (RH, ID)

Frankenstein (the beginning) – Finished the trail reroute around spring flood (RH, ID)

Frankenstein (the entrance) – Changed for better flow and more intuitive direction choice (RH, ID)

The Bride (start) – Trail rerouted to make it more tight and difficult for ATVs to pass (RH, ID)

Spiky Boy – Rerouted around big spring pond (RH, ID)

 Fri. Mar. 15

Igor’s Pass – Big fallen tree saw-cut and removed (ID)

Igor’s Pass (start) – The trail surface smoothed out (ID)

Igor’s Pass – The ramps for two boardwalks improved (ID)

Igor’s Pass (near the car wreck) – The trail rerouted (ID)

Frankenstein – The creek crossing improved (ID)

Frankenstein (near the end) – The trail rerouted around fallen trees (ID)

Frankenstein (the beginning) – Started a trail reroute around spring flood (ID)

Sat. Mar. 9

Igor’s Pass – Boardwalk created (ID)

Thu. Mar. 7

Igor’s Pass – 2x4s for a boardwalk carried in (ID)

Sat. 26 Jan.

Frankenstein – Trail adjustments made (ID)

The Bride – Nails nailed into the bridge beams to make it chainsaw safe (ID)

Sun. Jan 13

The Bride – Finished the bridge (ID)

Sat. Jan 12

The Bride – Bridge made over the drainage creek (AD, BE, ID)

Fri. Jan. 4

Igor’s Pass – Finished the boardwalk (ID)

Canal – Planks nailed on top of fallen tree to help people cross the canal (ID)

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