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Way back in 1997 and 1998, Andy, the King Street Cycles‘ owner, was one of the kids that created the first single-track trails in the Hydrocut. Those first shorter incarnations of Adam’s Run and Sweet Street was all that the Hydrocut had, till the 2001, when few trail building enthusiasts started adding more trails and slowly shaping the fragments into a thought out trail system. Very soon though they reached the maximum capacity of what a small group of people can do. Then in 2004 Andy came back and raised the Hydrocut phenomenon to the next level. His idea to organize official Trail Days, and support them with King Street Cycles BBQ lunches, started attracting more volunteers, empowering us to tackle grandiose projects, at a scale unimaginable in the early days. The established routine of 2-3 Trail Days per year has served us immeasurably well.

In addition to feeding the trail workers, the King Street Cycles store is the base for the trail management meetings, and a hub for the local MTB community; the best place to go to for all the latest Hydrocut Trails related info and gossip.

Through periodically organizing successful Hydrocut fundraising events, the King Street Cycles has also been a regular contributor to the trail maintenance budget.

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  1. Raf Rider says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Andy and KSC are awesome 🙂

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