Hydrocut Time Trials

The gauntlet for the 2013 Hydrocut Time Trials has been thrown down by our star Andrew Croutch. Beating his time is very unlikely for anyone other than him beating his own time. And that is exactly what the Hydrocut TTs are for: trying to beat your own time and monitor your own progress through the season.

Check out the rules, get riding, and submit your results.

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4 Responses to Hydrocut Time Trials

  1. Igor says:

    While all of us are procrastinating, waiting for the day when we will miraculously feel strong, Andrew did another one at: 1:16:10, even further slipping out of reach.

    Morten is looking for a smaller field of competitors, so he started his own category of double laps, and did them at 2:47:17!

  2. Igor says:

    Another good on came in from Mike Patte: 1:16:30

  3. Raf Rider says:

    That’s insanely awesome! I pushed as hard as I could today and made it to the start of Bootleg at exactly the time of 01:16:00. There’s just no way I can touch that but I was super thrilled with my own TT of 01:28:21 🙂 Had one small crash and left a bloody trail from Monkey Boy all the way to the finish LMAO 🙂 JFCI!!!

  4. Igor says:

    And we have a new record now: 1:11:34 by Scott Lynch!

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