Help Is Help Only If It’s Asked For

Obviously very many people take advantage to freely enjoy the easily accessible 25+ km of supreme single-track mountain biking trails, in a beautiful nature that is miraculously still preserved so close to a big sprawling city.

To any Hydrocut visitor it should be obvious that the trails are very well designed and taken care of, with a lot of thought and work invested into achieving a top level of quality. However, probably because this is a public place, managed an maintained with volunteer work only, some people give themselves the freedom to perform trail “improvements” on their own, as they deem fit. Such actions might be well meant, but are quite inconsiderate. Members of the public are gladly invited to participate in trail work, but ONLY through a proper coordination with the official supervisors, as described here.

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4 Responses to Help Is Help Only If It’s Asked For

  1. I think it’s great that more people have interest in helping maintain the trails, just surprised they aren’t working with us (the trail committee and many volunteers)… their energy and fresh ideas are greatly appreciated.

    I think some people just see a tree in the way, or some change they think is necessary, but don’t realize that we have a larger vision of the trail system, a specific design and flow we want for a trail, or the fine line between a fun/challenging feature and a hazard or maintenance nightmare. The committee also has legal and reporting obligations to the region, the owners of the land, which many people likely don’t realize.

    Of course the best reason to be working with the committee is enjoying the great debate and differences of ideas over all the details, which results in the best possible trails for everyone 😀

  2. Mark Chesterman says:

    Hey Igor, I’ve been ripping these trails for four years. IMHO the biggest reason people don’t join the committee is because they don’t know there is a committee! Perhaps a giant sign at the entrance of the Hydrocut would help? Anyways, I am interested in getting more involved, I assume the committee is the Waterloo Cycling Club?

    Here is an idea I have for the trail, one of my favourite spots on the hydro cut was the intersection of Stinky Girl, Frankenstein, and The Bridge. It is an excellent ‘resting spot’ for bikers to chat it up. (Those of us that aren’t on a time trial run 🙂 ) Anyways, the way the intersection is designed doesn’t allow for people to hangout and talk because the exit of Frankenstein has bikers blowing through at high speed. It would be cool if we could build a little gathering spot perhaps with a picnic table for bikers to chill at and shoot the shit. Thoughts?

  3. Igor says:

    Hi Mark,

    The best way to start with involvement is to volunteer for Trail Days and help with the less official trail crew outings. The Trail Days get announced on this website and at the To sign up for the recruiting list for helpers go here: After a period of someone showing interest, helping out with the workload and acquiring knowledge, we can consider that person for becoming a member of the Committee.

    Regarding the suggestion for a gathering spot, so far we had a policy of discouraging hanging out places, because of all the hassle (managing the garbage and ground trampling) that goes with such places. Having that said, there are some future trail expansion plans that might include proper gathering spots (picnic tables, garbage cans) in more suitable locations than that of the Stinky Girl / Frankenstein intersection.

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