Getting Lost In The Dark With Igor

NightCrossRideThe Fall time’s dwindling of the road rides and the Hydrocut access interruptions from rain and snow, are just an opportunity for a different kind of riding: The Tuesday Evening Cross Rides!

These rides are a pure adventure, brought on by straying off the beaten path in search of hidden trails and gravel roads, from an altered perspective under the cloak of night. There is no higher motivator than camaraderie and competitive stubbornness, that’s unyielding to the weather conditions. Along with building true cyclist character, the persistent riding through Winter is the BEST way to keep in shape and come out strong in the Spring. Most importantly, this is a salvation from the insufferable torture of indoor training!

Starting from Tuesday, October 1st, the rides leave at 6:30 pm from the St. Jacobs Outlet Mall parking. For insurance reasons, a membership in King Street Cycles or Waterloo Cycling Club is required. Cyclocross bikes are ideal, but mountain bikes can work too. Lights are mandatory. Fenders must be used in rain, snow, or wet ground conditions. Weather appropriate clothing is important, although the steady pace and the mostly sheltered routes make the cold surprisingly well tolerable. The trips usually last 2 – 3 hours. The pace is very subdued, till sometime in mid January when purposeful training starts taking shape, incrementally increasing the intensity. People are not left behind, but if stragglers have to be waited for too often, they should shorten their trips or organize a second slower group.

Looking forward to record numbers of participants! Please comment bellow with questions and/or intentions to join in.

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3 Responses to Getting Lost In The Dark With Igor

  1. I’m considering it. I have a proper light being built and perhaps I’ll dig up an old road bike and outfit it with knobbies…

  2. Igor says:

    Only considering it is not good enough. Just doit!!!

  3. Igor says:

    Here are some pics from the October 3rd ride:

     photo IMG_00000845_zps5d9b16a4.jpg

     photo IMG_00000847_zps7e9843ae.jpg

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