Frankenstein Improvement

The already thrilling, fast finish of theFrankenstein trail, just became even faster! The final bend was widened to line it up better with the exit; reducing the need for slowing down through the finish. The new line is also better positioned for taking the optional rock-drop-off feature. The runout “gate” after the rock feature was widened by removing (replanting) the bushes that used to interfere with it.

The new line was made through an area densely covered with young maple trees. All the trees in the way were replanted onto the closed old line; making it completely dissapear and blend in with the rest of the untouched forest floor. The rest of the excess saplings (29 of them) were taken and planted into the old hydrocut corridor at the beginning of the Stinky Girl Trail. It will be very exciting to see how fast we can turn this open field into a forest.

A VERY IMPORTANT REMARK: We are all eager to get back to riding the trails, but the ground conditions will not allow that for the next little while. Please do not give in to the temptation to ride before it is safe to do so without damaging the trails. As soon as the trails become ready for cycling, it will be announced on this website. For the meantime the best way to appease the itch for the trails is to join us on the Trail Day.

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