Do Not Touch The Logs!

Last night (May 24 weekend Monday) we removed the big fallen tree from The Bride, just after the bridge with handrails. The log on the Stinky Girl was left in place, with a slight modification (shown on the picture). Whenever trees fall onto the trails, we try to keep them as naturally occurring hurdles. Such features make the trails more interesting and greatly help with skill development.

Recently we had problems with someone dumbing down and even removing the deliberately spared obstacles. The Hydrocut trail users need to understand that this is a well managed trail system, by highly experienced trail builders. All the trail maintenance, including the deadfall removal, is always very promptly done. The public is welcomed and encouraged to join in the work, but ONLY with authorization from the Waterloo Cycling Club’s Trail Committee.

Please contact us if you have ideas, comments, or wish to perform any type of trail work. Also please help us keep an eye on people that perform unauthorized work.

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  1. There is a tree on monkey boy that has been turned into a log pile, it is right in middle of the fastest part of the trail. I understand that these trees are left there for a reason, but it kills all momentum on the downhill portion of the trail, and is right before an uphill that you used to be able to climb with speed alone. this would be the only feature that i dont totally agree with, only because it interupts a very flowy and fast part of the trail, and creates a hard breaking zone at the lowest point of the downhill. thats my 2 cents


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