Closed Means Closed

The Hydrocut Trails are maintained exclusively by volunteer labour. Part of the trail maintenance work is guarding against the destructive activities. Riding in muddy conditions is awfully detrimental to the trail surface, so our dedicated volunteers take a great effort to prevent/stop this from happening. One of the prevention measures are the temporary trail closures with a chain/sign, like shown on the picture.

Despite the very obvious and unavoidable sign, way too many riders completely ignore it, and in a blatant display of disrespect, crawl under the chain to enter the trails. When confronted about this, many come up with imaginative but incredibly ridiculous excuses.

To put it simply: the people in charge of the trail maintenance have taken the effort to close the trails. They are also the only ones that have the authority to reopen them. It is completely at their discretion to decide when that will be done. If anyone wishes to influence the making of these decisions, they are more than welcome to join in the trail maintenance, which will automatically give them the ability to do trail closures and openings.

Of course the majority of trail riders are appreciative of the trails; thus respectful of the rules. From them we ask to use their peer pressure powers to try to turn around as many bad apples as possible.

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