Can You Ride All The Rocks in Hydrocut?

There are many interesting rideable rock features all along the Hydrocut Trails. All these obstacles are just an optional route for people wanting extra challenge. Some are more challenging than others, to the various degrees of difficulty. Very few people can ride all the rocks, but if you are one of those people, you are welcomed to the elite club: ROAR (Riders of ALL Rocks).

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3 Responses to Can You Ride All The Rocks in Hydrocut?

  1. Ron Head says:

    Of course I can ride all the rocks… but those who say they can ride all the rocks must also ride the high line of fragle rock. I would like suggest we call that the razor back. I can ride the razor back. Did it tonight!!

  2. Igor says:

    You are a a great motivator Ron! Because of your taunting Raf, Jay and I did go this weekend to the Razor Back and rode it, just so we can remain in the ROAR.

    Should I assume you are a member too?

  3. Ron Head says:

    yes I can ride every rock
    so that makes me a member 🙂

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