Break The Rules If You Dare

IMG-20130728-00328 IMG-20130728-00331Some kind of a trail work crew is nearly ever-present on the trails, especially when mud makes the riding inadvisable. The crew from the pictures was clearing the overgrown grass on the Stinky Girl yesterday. Despite their benign, friendly appearance, these trail guardians are not to be taken lightly; getting caught when riding in mud, can be made very unpleasant by their piercing, judgemental, accusatory looks…

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3 Responses to Break The Rules If You Dare

  1. sontiago says:

    trail status?

  2. Igor says:

    On Sunday it was posted that it was too muddy and that it might become ready by Monday. But then it rained some more, so it is a safe bet that it would not be good enough today.

    Sorry, this is the best we can do without having a full-time staff to be available for checking the ground, making the posts, and closing the trails if necessary. That is how the commercially operated places like Kelso are doing it…

  3. Mark Chesterman says:

    Looking good for riding tonight?

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