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Kamikaze Stone Faces

A surfacing of this old picture, from 7 years ago, is a nice reminder about the Kamikaze’s evolution. When I’ve originally built the Kamikaze, in August of 2002, many people were laughing at it, how ridiculously unridable it was. But then with time, … Continue reading

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It’s Time Trial Time!

It is the perfect time of the year for chasing fast Hydrocut lap riding times. The vegetation is subsiding; allowing better visibility, while the trails are smooth and hard packed but tacky enough for superb traction. Some quick time reports have … Continue reading

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Trail Builder’s Paradise

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The Latest Trail Map

Here is the updated map that reflects the latest changes in the trail’s connectivity. Note that with these changes there aren’t any remaining two-way trails; they all now have ONE-WAY mandatory direction for cyclists. Also keep in mind that the trailhead maps are outdated; … Continue reading

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Norco Demo Day – May 28

Norco Demo Day is coming up! Join us on Wednesday, May28th from 5pm – 8pm at the Glasgow entrance for an evening of new bikes, trails, and bbq! Norco factory representatives will be on hand to answer any and all … Continue reading

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“Leave of Absence”

I’ve been dismissed from the WCC Trails Committee (the branch of the WCC that currently acts as stewards for the Hydrocut Trails), because of the Alternative Proposal for The Stewardship of The Hydrocut Mountain Biking Trails. They presented my dismissal as: “….he (Igor … Continue reading

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Tree Clearing Finished

Thanks to buddies Raf and Jim, all the trails are finally cleared from fallen trees, for now at least, till the next wind storm. Please give it a day or two for the trails to dry up after the latest … Continue reading

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The Gravel Causeway

This trail section would be under 2′ of water right now, if not for the beautiful gravel causeway that was built last year. Without it, half of the Frankenstein would be cut off, completely inaccessible. Next time you run into Clay, thank … Continue reading

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The Latest Trail Counter Data

Our Data Man Marty has been diligently tending to the trail counter machines and meticulously collecting, analyzing and displaying the data. This gives a clear picture about how the trail users’ visits, through the two trailheads, are effected by the weather conditions.

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The First TT Result of The 2014 is In!

Rick Vandermey has thrown thrown down the gauntlet for the 2014 TT’s!  He is humble in saying that his “leisurely” pace made it more like throwing down an argyle sock than a gauntlet.

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