All Done!

IMG_2419_2 IMG_2422_2 IMG_2424_2 photoThe insanity is over, for now at least, till the next storm.

We’ve been asking the forest managers not to do the usual thinning the forest, to let it mature instead, so we can enjoy and appreciate an unspoiled old forest environment. We’ve got what we asked for: a forest full of big old trees that keep falling with every storm.

A crew of 10 managed last night to finally clear all the massive deadfall from the Glasgow (Landfill) side. Keep in mind that we are not allowed to use chainsaws, so everything was done by hand! As hard as doing so much work is, it is fun too; it makes one feel powerful and close to the forest. The best part is getting to love these magnificent trees, and having pride in allowing them natural deaths.

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4 Responses to All Done!

  1. koochdog says:

    That is awesome news! And I know you guys must have worked very hard. I rode the trails this past Sunday, and they were covered in fallen tree’s. I can’t believe you cleared them! I will be riding there next week thanks to your hard work!

  2. Raf Rider says:

    No Pain No Gain 🙂 I could barely shuffle my feet all day but still gunned it hard on our sweet singletracks 🙂 JFCI!!!

  3. scottcyule says:

    WOW, My girlfriend and I live in Pickering and get to the hydro cut a couple of times each season… We just happened to drop by the sunday following the storm and the damage was incredible.
    When a local rider explained the “no chainsaws” rule, we couldn’t imagine the clean up ever being done.

    You guys are amazing?????

    thanks for such a beatiful riding spot

  4. Ron Head says:

    I noticed that the trees that came down in the storm were healthy trees in the middle of the life cycle. The ones that fell were poorly rooted or the tree had a Y, in which case the tree split at the Y. I didn’t see paint markings on many of the trees that fell. The very old trees stood up the wind. So I have come to the conclusion that even if the forest had been logged, there would have been many trees that fell.

    I also now believe that the very old trees have lived so long because they were in good soil with good roots, had some wind protection and developed a strong design as they grew. A survival of the fittest if you like!

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